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A native New Yorker, Andrea Blanch graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting.  A fashion portrait and fine art photographer, Andrea began her career as a photographer's assistant to the legendary Richard Avedon. Blanch has been involved with the world of photography for over 25 years and also attended NYU film school.  Referred to as "the woman who knows how to capture a woman", her work has been published in Details, G.Q., French, English, German, Italian, Am...

Internship Description

Interns will do basic work and tasks that need to be done in the photography studio. Interns would be a direct assistant to Andrea Blanch and assist all varying efforts. Some projects include print work, film work, putting together portfolios, errand, creative work, graphic design, phone calls, and more.  This will be a very hands-on experience in a small, exclusive studio. These tasks will be taken seriously and will affect productivity of the studio.

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Summer Internship


New York City



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No Experience Required

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